My goodness, guys, I have to apologize. I shouldn’t be this desperate this early on in my blog life, but I must give you old material once again. Turns out I actually had a life and was doing stuff ALL DAY today! (Never happens!) I wish I could promise new material for next week, but at the rate that I’m going, who knows!!

Anyway, I wrote this a while ago, so enjoy. Also, if you don’t know the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, as I didn’t until about a year ago, here it is; read it first!


Dear Rabbits,

Please consider this my two weeks’ notice that I am resigning from my position as The Fairy that Turns Loved Toys Real.

For quite a while now I have been growing steadily less comfortable with my duties. I never did understand what was so alluring about Reality that made you all so desperate to join the violent chaos of the woodlands after the slow life of your homes.

I will work until Christmas: business should be slower then anyway. I have named my successor; please find a Mr. Holden Caulfield’s contact information enclosed.

Please understand my reasons for retiring my magic.

Best of luck in the future,


the Fairy