Hair (musical)

Beads, flowers, freedom, happiness.

For this happy day, a bit of Americana for you kyids:

Don’t put it down!

Or, if you’re a traditionalist, like me, you’ll prefer this version:

Best one around!

And for those of y’all who think that if you’ve seen the movie you’ve seen the musical, well, catering to the uneducated is something we do best in this country:

Crazy for the Blue, White, Red (and Yellow)


These are all excellent versions of the same song from my favorite musical, so you’d probably benefit from listening to all of them, as I just have.

Sometimes I like to think we’ve come a long way since 1968. Then I run out of LSD and I laugh at myself. Who am I kidding.

In case you’re depressed, here’s a mood lightener. 🙂

Or try this one!

Ok ok I’m done.


I’m rockin’ out right about now. Are you?