Beads, flowers, freedom, happiness.

Also, if you want to comment on a post (and please do), you actually have to click on that post to view it individually, and comment at the bottom. You all probably knew this! I didn’t. 😛

Thanks for stopping by! In case you’re wondering about the name, it is traditional in some West African cultures to name a child for the day of the week on which it is born. The child also has a given name, and he can choose to go by either. Kofi Annan, for instance, chooses to go by his day name (Kofi = Friday; Mr. Annan was born on a Friday). Adwoa = Monday. I, however, am not West African, so I thought I should put my actual middle initial in the title, too; hence the J. Because this blog is all about ME!

Now you know me! Namaste 😀